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Booster Meeting Summary

Meeting Highlights

  • Please use this link to volunteer for Basketball concessions:

  • Teams will now take turns handling concessions at Football, Basketball, and Baseball games. The end goal is not to pay each team a small amount for their work in the

  • Adults volunteering for concessions will get a ticket for one free game admission; students earn service-learning hours.

  • We are seeking more content ie: coach/athlete info, social media links, and game updates, and are open to student/class assistance.

  • Team reps will be selected at the P.A.I.N. meeting to attend Booster Club meetings to share information with teams and families.

  • Responsibility for senior banners falls on individual teams with guidance from parents; social media photos can be used. The Booster Club can assist with information on where to purchase the banners but will not be in charge of providing them for the teams.

  • Plans are underway for a Food Truck festival after the first home football game in 2024

  • The next meeting is set for January 11, 2024.

  • Student Government would like student representatives from each sport

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